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What is the Process for Trash Collection

  1. Professional, service valets will pick up the trash from outside each residents’ door.

  2. Trash bags are collected in a push box truck collection container

  3. Trash bags are then taken to the on-site dumpster/compactor and thrown away

  4. Areas around the dumpsters are swept clean of loose trash


What are the Benefits of Valet Trash Service?

Doorstep collection is an amenity that every resident uses numerous times a week. The benefits include:

  1. Doorstep pick-up is a service all residents take advantage of, unlike a onsite gym or pool at their community

  2. Doorstep collection helps grow resident retention and new leases by offering the property a unique market advantage compared to competing communities that do not offer a door-to-door trash valet service

  3. No trash is left out in the community during leasing hours

  4. Trash is collected shortly after it is set outside – no odors, trash leakage, or stains on walkways and breezeways

  5. Dumpsters and compactor areas are cleaned nightly 


What are the Benefits for the Apartment Community and/or Private Landlord?

  1. Risk-free monthly ancillary revenue

  2. Increased NOI (net operating income)

  3. Can easily be added to current monthly rental fees

  4. Improves curb appeal during leasing hours by keeping the property clean, sanitary and organized

  5. Increased tenant retention

  6. It will differentiate the property from competitors


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How Valet Trash Service Works

Residents put their tied trash bags in the provided trash container and set it outside their doors between 6pm and 8pm. Valets collect the bags and take them to the dumpster starting at 8pm. The empty trash containers are brought back into their unit by 9am the next morning. 

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